It’s Saul Good, Man!

Ep 9: Five-O (106)

March 10, 2015
We wanted Mike and we got Mike.  This week's episode was largely Jimmyless, but that just means we could focus on Mike's bad assery and heartbreak.   We come up with ad ideas for Tampax, police executions, drinking with mike and lot's of great listener interaction including a voice mail from Austrailia (Dave... we have voice mail??)  Please be sure to check out this episode's sponsor "ToeJam & Earl:  Back in the Groove"  The classic Sega game is coming back via kick-starter.  Please click this link and be as generous as you can.  Also, click THIS LINK to hear an exclusive interview with ToeJam & Earl co-creator Greg Johnson.  Please make sure to check out on or  Thanks for participating and we'll see you again next week!