It’s Saul Good, Man!

Preview with a Prior: 108 “Rico” Speculation

March 22, 2015

Well hello again.  It's Sunday March 22nd.  Remember that time Dave and Bryan had to snuggle up and record on one microphone while doing a podcast?  Well so do we.  In fact, here's a Preview with a Prior recorded in that very same fashion.  Dave and Bryan get cozy and speculate about the upcoming Better Call Saul episode:  "Rico".  So  listen to our awkwardness as you nurse your hang over from last night.  Please make sure you join the conversation on Twitter @ISGMpodcastFacebook and at    For more fun, music and interviews with some interesting people, check us out on    Get ready for Monday and we'll talk to you soon!  OH!  And if you have a few bucks to spare, check out our friend Greg Johnson and his Kickstarter for ToeJam & Earl:  Back in the Groove!