It’s Saul Good, Man!

Ep 10: Bingo (107)

March 17, 2015

  All we need is 1 mic as Dave and Bryan awkwardly cuddle up on the couch to discuss this week's Better Call Saul episode:  Bingo!  We talk lawyer terminations, where the show goes from here and it's all about the Kettlemans, baby! Please make sure to join the conversation on Twitter @ISGMpodcastFacebook, and of course!   Click our audible link and down load Bob Odenkirk's NEW BOOK "Load of Hooey" for FREE!  Click here to help resurrect the classic video game "Toe Jam and Earl".  And keep an eye out on Nothing Important Podcast for an exclusive interview with the Fail Scouts, location scouts for Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad!    Have a great week and as always we'll talk to you soon.